The Band

Janne Borgh

Instrument: Bass & backing vocals
Previous bands/artists: The Moderns, Strindbergs, ANC4, Diamond Dogs
Five favourite albums: The Who: Who’s Next (1971, The Beatles: Revolver (1966), The Alarm: Declaration (1984), Mott the Hoople: Mott (1973), Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Damn the Torpedoes (1979).
Favourite song of all time: Baba O’Riley (The Who 1971)
Best concerts I’ve seen: The Jam at Hammersmith Odeon July 1977, Paul McCartney & Wings at Olympen 1972, Lucinda Williams at Indigo O2 London 2007, Alice Cooper at Olympen 1973, INXS at Globen 1990
Hobbies: reading & travelling, London history
Favourite food: Indian & Fish & Chips
Favourite drinks: Orange juice & Cava/Prosecco
An accomplishment that I’m proud of: staying true to my family
Greatest strength: kindness
Greatest weakness: kindness
Hidden talent: can pretend I’m Danish
Best thing about being in the Future Elephants?: structure & focus
Favourite song by Future Elephants?: World in Flames
On my bucket list: Visiting Shetland & Iceland, buying a car
Favourite saying: Take it easy, but take it
Future plans: getting older and releasing my 3rd solo album

Sigvard Frenzel

Instrument: Drums, keyboards.
Previous bands/artists: Mikael Rickfors, Monaco Blues Band, House of Anderson, Subshow, Johnny Thunders, Eddie Meduza, Tone Norum, Trance Dance, John Lenin, to mention a few.
Five favourite albums: Paul McCartney: Flowers in the Dirt, Michael Schenker Group: Assault Attack, Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers, Joni Mitchell: Dog Eat Dog, AC/DC: Back in Black.
Favourite song of all time: Here Comes the Flood by Peter Gabriel.
Best concert I’ve seen: John Martyn at Glädjehuset Kungsgatan, Stockholm.
Hobby: Gardening.
Favourite food: Fish potatoes.
Favourite drink: Coffee.
An accomplishment that I’m proud of: Having given up smoking.
Greatest strength: Patience.
Hidden talent: Administration.
Best thing about being in Future Elephants? Hard ’n’ heavy drumming :-).
Favourite song by Future Elephants? The Pilot.
On my bucket list: Walk around in the Sulawesi forest and climb the Sulawesi mountains.
Favourite saying: ”The most beautiful thing for a pig, is another pig”.
Future plans: Travel with Future Elephants?

Dante Holmberg

Instrument: Guitars, lapsteel.
Previous bands/artists: Uppåt Väggarna, Boney M, Steve Gibbons, Magnus Uggla & Strix Q, Kaosorkestern, Joyride.
Five favourite albums: John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac (dog and dustbin album), The Small Faces: Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: The Impossible Dream, David Bowie: The Man Who Sold The World.
Favourite song of all time: Pop: The Beatles: Penny Lane. Rock: Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run.
Best concerts I’ve seen: The Small Faces at Stockholms Konserthus October 4, 1968. Fleetwood Mac, same venue, April 1, 1969.
Hobby: Future Elephants?
Favourite food: Anything my wife serves.
Favourite drink: Swedish tap water and Guinness.
An accomplishment that I’m proud of: Being a father of two wonderful kids and a grandfather to the loveliest grandchildren in the world, the answer to this is obvious …
Greatest strength: Trying to remember all the awkward songs we write.Hidden talent: I can play guitar.
Best thing about being in Future Elephants? Not having to join a cover band.
Favourite song by Future Elephants? The Pilot.
On my bucket list: To stay in the band.
Favourite saying: ”En dag ska vi alla dö. Alla andra dagar ska vi det inte” (”One day we will all die. All other days, we will not”) /Jan Stenmark.
Future plans: To keep the current drummer.

Karl Roger Holegård

Instrument: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar (Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe and Hughes & Kettner/Switchblade).
Previous bands/artists I’ve played with: Neon Rose, Wasa Express, Drop-Outs, Truck.
Five favourite albums: Pink Floyd: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Led Zeppelin: I, Deep Purple: In Rock, Alice Cooper: Killer, Queen: Sheer Heart Attack.
Favourite song of all time: Who can answer this question without immediately regretting his answer?
Best concerts I’ve seen: Deep Purple at Konserthuset, Stockholm in 1970. Jethro Tull: every 70’s gig at Konserthuset, Stockholm. The Tubes Konserthuset, Stockholm, in 1979, Stockholm. AC/DC at Monsters Of Rock, Stockholm in 1984.
Hobby: Searching for obscure vinyls.
Favourite food: Baked beans together with different accessories.
Favourite drink: Beer.
An accomplishment that I’m proud of: Three beautiful daughters.
Greatest strength: Being a doer.
Hidden talent: Being a doer.
Best thing about being in Future Elephants?: The rock’n’roll dream still goes on.
Favourite song by Future Elephants? Free World Fallin’ Down
On my bucket list: To start writing for album four.
Favourite saying: ”It’s dangerous to live, you may die”.
Future plans: To make album four.